GUNNA: The Fizzy Drink Revolution That's Shaking Up the Industry and Saving the Planet

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GUNNA, the game-changing UK soda brand, is storming onto the beverage scene with its bold flavours and fierce commitment to sustainability that'll make you customers sit up and take notice. These lemonades aren't just crafted from real fruit and inspired by classic cocktails—they're here to rewrite the soda script and light the way to a brighter, more environmentally friendly future.

Is The Sun Setting On Traditional Soda?

Gunna Lemonades surrounded by bowls of fruit on a dark wooden table

The demand for healthier, functional drinks is skyrocketing, and GUNNA is perfectly positioned to capitalise on this trend. According to Mintel's 2023 report on attitudes towards healthy eating in the UK, a staggering 92% of people say they are conscious of the need to eat and drink healthier, with 63% actively trying to consume healthier products all or some of the time.

Moreover, 45% of customers say it is essential that the food or drinks they buy boost immunity, and 65% actively want their favourite soft drinks to offer added health benefits. With its immune-boosting Zinc and Vitamin C content, GUNNA is poised to meet this growing demand.

The UK market size for functional drinks is set to more than double over the next three years, and a whopping 58% of consumers say that they want to see healthier soft drinks in retailers' ranges. As a testament to the value that consumers place on healthier options, twice as many shoppers are willing to pay more than double the average price of a normal soft drink for functional drinks.

But what really sets GUNNA apart from the rest of the fizzy drink lot?

It's not just their cracking taste—it's their unwavering dedication to being a planet-positive alternative. These guys are proudly carbon-negative and always plastic-free, offsetting double the carbon they emit and giving plastic pollution a good kicking. By choosing GUNNA, you're not just sorting out your customers thirst—you're making a stand and supporting a brand that puts the health of our planet first.

Mixing With The Best

The headliner of GUNNA's summer lineup is Pink Punk, a cheeky raspberry lemonade inspired by the classic Shirley Temple mocktail. And for those looking to add a summery twist to their cocktail menu, the Pink Punk Lemonade Gin Cocktail is the perfect upsell. Let's face it, the weather's been rubbish this summer, but this refreshing tipple is sure to put a smile on your customers' faces.

Pink Punk Lemonade Gin Cocktail:

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To whip up this beauty, mix 50ml gin, 15ml simple syrup or agave, 35ml Pink Punk, and the juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon in a rocks glass filled with ice.

Give it a good stir to chill, and garnish with some dried flowers or herbs for a serve that's sure to rack up the likes on Instagram.

But that's not all – GUNNA's range also boasts Turtle Juice, a tropical beauty inspired by the lip-smacking Mango Daiquiri, and Miss Mojita, a quirky take on the classic Cuban mojito, packed with lemon, mint, and ginger. Each flavour is a testament to GUNNA's commitment to creating refreshing, top-notch drinks that stand out from the crowd.

As if their eco-credentials and cracking taste weren't enough, GUNNA also packs in 100% of the recommended daily intake of immune-boosting Zinc and Vitamin C in every can. So, your customers can enjoy a flavourful, refreshing drink while giving their overall health and well-being a nice boost.

Join Their Fight Against Plastic

GUNNA: The Fizzy Drink Revolution That's Shaking Up the Industry and Saving the Planet - Blog Images New 14

GUNNA's calling on everyone to join their revolution and become part of a movement that champions extraordinary flavours and a planet-positive future. Whether you're sipping on a Pink Punk, Turtle Juice, or Miss Mojita, you can feel chuffed knowing that you're not only treating your taste buds but also doing your bit for a brighter, more sustainable world.

Just in time for The Great British Summer, GUNNA has shared some tasty cocktail recipes - check them out below -that show off just how versatile and delicious their lemonades are. Do you want to booze them up? Add a single shot of a white spirit to make these concoctions perfect all day and night. So, grab a can, mix up a cocktail, and raise a glass to bold flavours and a greener future. Cheers

GUNNA Cocktail Recipes:

Apple Raspberry Mocktail

Gunna Raspberry Mocktail
  • Apple Juice 100ml
  • Lemon Juice 20ml
  • Sugar Syrup 10ml
  • Layer with Pink Punk
  • Garnish with Raspberries

Layered Blue Curaçao Highball

GUNNA: The Fizzy Drink Revolution That's Shaking Up the Industry and Saving the Planet - Blog Images New 15
  • Blue Curaçao 25ml
  • Vodka 25ml
  • Lime Juice 20ml
  • Top with Turtle Juice

Basil "Mojita”

GUNNA: The Fizzy Drink Revolution That's Shaking Up the Industry and Saving the Planet - Gunna Mocktail 2
  • Basil
  • Bacardi or White Rum 50ml
  • Lemon Juice 25ml
  • Sugar Syrup 10ml
  • Topped with Miss Mojita

With their bold flavours, eco-friendly credentials, and health-boosting properties, GUNNA is not just a refreshing drink—it's a revolution in the making.

Want to Introduce some GUNNA Attitude to your range?

To Join the movement, stock up on GUNNA, and cater to the growing demand for healthier, planet-positive beverages, click here to register an account and get in touch with our expert sales team to start building your range.

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