Epic All-Natural Flavours and Immune-Boosting Functionality

The antidote to bland old-school soda

  • Invest in clean oceans projects
  • All Natural,vegan and lower sugar
  • inspired by flavours from around the world
  • Carbon Negative
GUNNA Better Made Lemonades redefine soda, offering immune-boosting functionality, epic flavours, and a commitment to being better for you, better for the planet, and simply better tasting.
For every 1G of carbon Gunna create, they remove 2G
All-natural flavours
100% of your RDA of Vit-C and Zinc
Immune-boosting functionality
Better for you Alternative Better for the planet Great For Occasions

Key reasons to stock Gunna...

  • Functional Growth: GUNNA Lemonades tap into the growing demand for functional drinks, providing 100% RDA of Vitamin C and Zinc for immune support.
  • Carbon Negative Commitment: As a carbon-negative brand, GUNNA is dedicated to environmental responsibility, resonating with conscious consumers seeking sustainable choices.
  • Vibrant Shelf Presence: GUNNA's characterful cans create standout shelf appeal, attracting consumers with their eye-catching and vibrant design.

Fhirst Zero Sugar Drink - Ginger and Mandarin flavoured drink Fhirst Soda for gut health cooled on ice Fhirst Cherry Vanilla flavour- a great healthy alternative to cherry cola

In a clubhouse somewhere in deepest Surrey, a barman mixed a drink he named a Gunner, consisting of spicy ginger ale, lime, and bitters. One of Gunna’s founders, Melvin, who preferred lemonade, was taken aback by the taste explosion on his first sip.

With that, Melvin, Bella, and Chris set to work to create a range of sodas that were better tasting, better for you, and better for the planet. After countless hours of tasting, tweaking, and honing, the GUNNA range of craft lemonade drinks was born. Now fortified with immune-boosting Zinc & Vitamin C, the GUNNA functional lemonades are the antidote to bland old-school soda, taking on the giants of the industry with a unique and healthier approach.

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