Flavoured Kombucha

Live sparkling sodas with probiotic cultures

  • Gut Health Drinks
  • 25% Daily Vitamin C
  • Crafted in the UK
  • Founded in 2018
Fix8 pioneers premium gut-health drinks with science-backed probiotic cultures and added vitamin C, inspired by kombucha's ancient legacy as "the tea of immortality." Fix8 makes you feel good from the inside out. Kombucha with substance, crafted in London, for the positively obsessed. A naturally fermented tea, cultured in small batches by hand.
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Immune Health Building
British Made
Great for Gut Health Better for You Alternative Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock Fix8...

  • Kombucha Innovation: Fix8 offers customers a premium selection of innovative kombucha flavours that promote gut health and well-being
  • Immune Boost: Fix8 provides immune-boosting Vitamin C-infused drinks, catering to health-conscious consumers
  • Global Flavour Fusion: Unique, globally influenced recipes expand beverage offerings and appeal to diverse tastes

Freya, the founder of Fix8, embarked on a mission to craft the finest gut-health drinks in the UK. Her journey started in Shanghai, where kombucha was introduced to her as "the tea of immortality." Inspired, she began brewing kombucha in her London flat and launched Fix8 in 2018 Freya's dedication to kombucha took her on a global journey, learning from makers worldwide and honing her craft in California. Fix8's drinks, influenced by ancient wisdom, offer immune-boosting Vitamin C, natural ingredients, and a global fusion of flavours, redefining gut health.

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