Pouched Riced Veg

Riced Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sweet Potato

  • Vegged Rice
  • 90% Less Carbs
  • Ready in 2 Minutes
  • Founded in 2013
Fullgreen are a one-of-a-kind company providing 100% natural convenient microwaveable rice. Founded by husband & wife team, Jamie and Gem, who were looking for easy ways to eat healthily for themselves and their young family. Non-GMO veggies, riced and steamed in the pouch with no preservatives.
Shelf Stable Packs
Low Carb
Two Servings of Veggies
Ready in 2 Minutes
Plant-Based Alternative Great for Food to Go Better for You

Key reasons to stock Fullgreen...

  • Convenient Format: Only company in the world providing 100% natural convenient microwaveable cauliflower rice
  • Long Shelf Life: Shelf stable (no need to refrigerate)
  • Better for the Planet: Positive impact a healthy, plant-based diet can have on our bodies and minds

The idea for Fullgreen products was born out of co-founder Gem Misa’s frustration at making her own vegetable rice, at home. A health-conscious but time-poor mother, Gem lacked the time required to grate a whole head of cauliflower into rice (not to mention to clear-up the mess). Out of her epiphany, that “there must be an easier way”, she & Jamie developed Fullgreen’s fuss-free, convenient vegetable rice's. 100% plant-based with various vegetables as ingredients, all of Fullgreen Riced Vegetables are low carb/calorie alternatives to Rice.

They contain up to 93% less carbs & 2 servings of vegetables per pouch. All of Fullgreen's range are shelf stable (no need to refrigerate), preservative & allergy free, plus can be cooked in 2 mins by microwave or frying pan

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