Natural Energy Drink

Great taste with an energizing mango fusion

  • 250ml Cans
  • Natural Caffeine
  • Sugar-Free
  • Founded in 2020
Mango Go is a natural energy drink offering a juicy Mango flavour making you feel like a little ray of sunshine, whatever the weather. Mango Go tastes like a soft drink (because it’s 70% fruit juice), rather than a traditional energy drink but still delivers the same functional benefit with natural caffeine from plants.
Natural Ingredients
1 of Your 5 a Day
Source of Vitamin C
Healthier to Traditional Energy Drinks
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock Mango Go...

  • Taste Matters: Mango Go presents an enticing fusion of energizing flavours that resonate with a diverse audience seeking both taste and vitality.
  • Clean Energy Trend: Stocking Mango Go aligns with health-conscious consumer preferences, offering beverages with natural caffeine, no added sugar, and devoid of artificial ingredients.
  • Reflecting Lifestyles: Retailers can embrace Mango Go as a brand that encapsulates vibrant living, providing customers with refreshing options that deliver a burst of sunshine and essential nutrients.

Mango-flavoured products have increased by 240% over the last 10 years, as mangoes straddle the line between familiar and exotic perfectly

Mango Go radiates with its spirited motto, "Grab Life By the Mangos," reflecting its commitment to vitality and zest. The brand's signature energizing beverages are a harmonious blend of luscious mango taste, invigorating guarana, and the natural boost of caffeine derived from green coffee beans. Mango Go stands distinctively against the tide by being free from added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and synthetic additives. By capturing the essence of sun-kissed mangoes, Mango Go bottles the feeling of sunshine, offering a refreshing ray of positivity regardless of the weather.

Beyond its irresistible taste and natural energy infusion, Mango Go embodies nutritional excellence. Each can contributes to your daily recommended intake with a dose of vitamin C and qualifies as one of your 5-a-day, underlining the brand's dedication to both flavour and nourishment.

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