Vegan Prawn Crackers

Ready to eat, 60g sharing bags, available in two flavours

  • Plant-Based
  • 60g Bags
  • Gluten Free
  • Founded in 2019
Native capture the sounds of sizzling and popping, the sight and smells of the world's culinary delights at your finger prints, in every one of their packs of Super Street Snacks. Better-for-you is at the heart of what Native do from both a nutritional and sustainability point of view.
Plant-Based Revision
Less than 99 Calories
Accessible to All Diets
No Compromise on Taste
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Big Night In Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Native...

  • Healthier Alternative: 25% Less fat than traditional potato crisps as a like for like alternative
  • Leading Brand: Number 1 plant-based alternative to prawn crackers, perfect with a meal or simply a dip
  • Sustainable Claim: More nutritionally & environmentally valuable than traditional prawn crackers

Native are on a mission to create nostalgic plant-based snacks that don't compromise on taste, give the same or better experience and allow you to serve your moral goals and dietary needs without breaking the bank. Native Pr*wn Crackers are better for you than traditional prawn crackers and crisps. Native Pr*wn Crackers are a light and crunchy snack that is a tasty like-for-like vegan alternative to the much-loved classic snack.

Perfect to nibble or crunch, at dinner or lunch. Enjoy Native’s Pr*wn Crackers on the go, at your desk, with a dip or as the perfect accompaniment to any meal with all of the taste and texture of a traditional prawn cracker.

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