Plant-Based Keto & Protein Bars

European brand with a plan to becoming a leader in keto

  • Low in Net Carbs (3g)
  • Low in Sugar (3%)
  • Healthy Fats & High Protein
  • Founded in 2016
Delicious triple layer with a creamy peanut filling, encased in a blanket of delicious nuts. ADONIS products are low in net carbs (3g) and sugars (3%) while incorporating healthy fats and moderate proteins.
Keto Friendly Approach
Function Focused
Added Vitamin Benefits
Led by Science Research
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You  Plant Based Alternative

Key reasons to stock Adonis...

  • The Perfect Keto Macros: Increased demand for nutrition that improves both physical & cognitive performance. Adonis offers the perfect keto macros and uses only keto sweeteners (erythritol) to appeal to healthier audience.
  • Sustainability Focused: Sustainability is at the core of the brand, made with only plant-based ingredients, to attract a younger, more attuned shoppers
  • High Popularity: Keto is one of the most Googled diet in the world with +25.4m searches

They use only keto sweeteners like erythritol and never use maltitol or xylitol. Each bar contains 9 vitamins, catering to the growing trend of healthier snacking options. ADONIS focuses on staying relevant by maintaining a Keto approach, offering plant-based/vegan options that benefit both consumers and the planet.

Additionally, their products are gluten-free. What sets Adonis apart from other snack bars is their unique combination of functionality and natural sustainability. While most bars target specific consumer needs such as high protein for weightlifters or high sugar for endurance, ADONIS bridges the gap by blending the functionality of the keto diet with the natural and sustainable aspects of nut bars (vegan). ADONIS stands out as a functional, low-sugar, natural bar brand that enhances physical and cognitive performance.

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