Stylish Asian Inspired Meal Boxes

Delicious, tempting range of snack boxes with flavours

  • RRP £2.00
  • Real Meat Chunks
  • No refrigeration required
  • Founded in 2016
Ready-to-eat cooked noodles or rice with a sauce - all made with fresh ingredients. Foil sealed for freshness and full flavour. No refrigeration required. WAT Kitchen Capture the essence of Asia's culinary innovation, authenticity and excellence. Carefully curated from a 5,000-mile exploration across the continent, each box offers under 350 calories, essential veggies, and protein. Ready in 2 minutes, they redefine convenient dining.
Microwavable Friendly
Great Value
Authentic Asian Flavours
Less Than 350 Calories
Great for Food to Go Better for You Alternative Great for Lunchboxes

Key reasons to stock WAT Kitchen...

  • Convenient Format for Lunch: Microwavable friendly - no water needed. Foil sealed for freshness and full flavour. No refrigeration required, store in the cupboard
  • Better Version: Under 350kcal, making it a healthier meal solution, and also provide vital vegetable and protein
  • Street Food Trend: The stylish rice and noodle street food snack boxes are low in fat but big of flavours from East Asia

WAT is a word for temple in certain parts of Asia which is symbolic of honesty, integrity and community. Whilst kitchens around the world are busy creative hubs, WAT KITCHEN is the perfect name for the authenticity and quality found in our little boxes.

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