Mood Boosting Drinks

The original mood drinks for serotonin and dopamine

  • 2 Flavours
  • Pioneering Nootropic
  • Low Sugar
  • Founded in 2022
Lightly sparkling, naturally sweetened, delicious and effective mood-enhancing drinks. PEAK Moods is a future wellness brand defining a new category of ready to drink beverages. Peak is an "all-natural" sparkling drink infused with natural nootropics and adaptogens. It enhances brain function, leaving consumers clear, calm, content, and relaxed.
Low in Sugar
Hype - Boosting Nootropics
Calm - Calming Nootropics
Sustainable Packaging
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Peak...

  • Mood Boosting: Mental wellness drinks that are clean, healthy, delicious and effective- for forward-thinking people and companies
  • Backed by A-list Creatives and Ambassadors: PEAK is building an authentic brand with key celebrities such as Declan Rice and creatives from across music, art, fashion and sport.
  • Stimulation and Relaxation Under One Brand: Peaks two 500mg nootropic blends offer a naturally caffeinated (HYPE) and caffeine-free (CALM) option to cater to any moment or preference.

Co-founders Louie and Ben created Mood Drinks to provide a healthier alternative for shifting moods. With 1 in 2 Gen Z's facing daily mental well-being challenges, this revolutionary beverage range aims to improve your feelings without drawbacks.

PEAK is a revolutionary brand that aims to enhance the daily lives of consumers by offering a unique range of mood drinks. With their expertly crafted beverages, PEAK Hype and PEAK Calm, the brand caters to the core consumer needs for stimulation and relaxation. PEAK Hype is designed to naturally elevate dopamine levels in the brain, which promotes positivity, motivation, and focus. Whilst PEAK Calm enhances serotonin levels, fostering feelings of happiness, calmness, and clarity. Both options are a perfect blend of health and taste, giving consumers the freedom to choose their preferred mood.

The brand's mission is to democratise wellness in a world where stress and anxiety affect one in two young adults daily. By pioneering a category focused on mood enhancement, PEAK leads the mental wellness market, which is poised to double in value by 2030. Co-founder Louie understands the struggles of focus and relaxation due to ADHD, and envisions PEAK as the perfect alternative to traditional choices like coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol, offering a clean, convenient, and effective solution for individuals and forward-thinking companies alike. With PEAK, customers can enjoy a mood-enhancing beverage that is both healthy and delicious.

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