Creamiest Vegan Chocolate

Recipe using creamed coconut instead of dairy

  • Dairy Free Recipe
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Extra Crunch from Tapioca
  • Founded in 2019
Fellow Creatures have recreated milk chocolate without using dairy in a way no one has ever done before. ethically crafted to combat dairy exploitation, promoting kindness, inclusivity, and indulgence whilst fighting discrimination on all fronts. It may be just chocolate. Creamier-than-ever proprietary recipes using creamed coconut instead of dairy
Swiss Chocolate
Mindful Indulgence
Responsible Sourced
B Corp Certified
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Big Night In Great Indulgent Treat

Key reasons to stock Fellow Creatures...

  • Ethical Chocolate: Offer customers an ethical alternative to traditional dairy chocolate, aligning with conscious consumer values
  • Inclusivity and Kindness: Support a brand that advocates for inclusivity and kindness, appealing to socially conscious consumers
  • Vegan Creaminess: Provide indulgent, creamy vegan chocolate options in the free-from category, meeting the demands of a growing vegan market

Fellow Creatures takes immense pride in their commitment to traditional chocolate-making methods that embrace natural goodness. They strongly believe in standing up against the exploitation of mother cows in the dairy industry for chocolate production and instead offer a harmless alternative that aligns with their ethical standards. But their mission doesn't stop there.

At Fellow Creatures, they are passionate about promoting inclusivity and unconditional kindness to all humans and earth-mates. Through their delectable chocolates, they aim to help both humans and animals lead their best lives, one bite at a time. So come and join them as they continue to spread joy and goodness through their amazing chocolate creations.

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