Asian Inspired Noodles

An established, delicious range of instant noodle dishes

  • Low Calorie
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Recyclable Pots
  • Founded in 2011
Kabuto Noodles want to create a world that is united through quality flavours, fuelling adventure and planet consciousness. Eat the noodles your taste buds deserve. Seriously great-tasting noodles made with quality natural ingredients. Inspired by authentic, healthy recipes from Asia.
8 Delicious Flavours
HFSS Compliant
100% Recyclable
B Corp Certified
Great for Food to Go Great for a Meal Deal Great for Lunchboxes

Key reasons to stock Kabuto...

  • Appealing to Ethical Consumers: UKs most sustainable instant noodle brand. Made using 100% natural ingredients, 100% recycled plastic, all whilst planting 288 trees a month.
  • Meal Solution: A great low-calorie lunch option, made with authentic ingredients, great for the office pantry or kitchen cupboard
  • Premium Recipes: Kabuto Noodles are prepared with skill, dedication and discipline to bring you delicious authentic Asian flavours using only quality ingredients.

Kabuto Noodles is the UK's most sustainable instant noodle brand! Only using real, quality ingredients and authentic Asian flavours. Kabuto really cares about not only the goodness of their product but the impact it has on people and the planet! Revolutionising the category, bringing all the good bits such as convenience and cutting out all the bad bits like sachets and poor-quality ingredients! All products are HFSS compliant, scoring 3 or less so are not subject to restrictions.

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