A Snack for Every Palate

From English heritage to global inspiration

  • Hand Cooked Crisps
  • Chorizo Bites
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Founded in 2016
Made For Drink crafts exceptional bar snacks inspired by global drinking cultures to bring people together celebrating the special moments of sharing drinks, good food, camaraderie and laughter with loved ones. Artisanal potato crisps inspired by English produce.
Artisan Inspired
Perfect to Pair with Drinks
Bold, Full Flavoured
Donate to English Heritage
Great with Alcohol Great for a Meal Deal Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock Made for Drink...

  • Uncompromising Quality: Made for Drink’s commitment to excellence is evident in their choice of premium ingredients.
  • Engaging Stories of Passionate Producers: Made for Drink’s English Heritage Crisps tell the fascinating stories behind dedicated food producers
  • Fantastic Cross-Promotional Opportunities: Fosters the art of food and drink pairing.

Made For Drink is a pioneering brand on a mission to create the world's best bar snacks, bringing a new level of sophistication to the snacking world. Their products are designed to pair perfectly with your favourite drinks and are the go-to choice for those seeking indulgence and quality, enhancing your culinary experience like never before. By Offering meticulously curated snacks, Made for Drink stand out through unrivalled quality and flavours, whether it be the rich authenticity of their Chorizo Thins to the succulent, protein-packed 100% Irish Beef Biltong or their Collaborations with English Heritage yielding crisps that honour Britain's culinary heritage with flavours including English Truffle, The Gentleman's Relish, Baron Bigod Cheese, Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt, and Dorset Sea Salt.

Made for Drink is a brand rooted in the belief that the harmony of food and drink can forge unparalleled connections. Headed by Dan Featherstone and founded on a village hall's humble premises in Waltham St Lawrence in 2016, Made For Drink celebrate the special moments of sharing drink, good food, camaraderie, and laughter with loved ones. Since 2016 Made for Drink has continuously grown to collaborate with esteemed names like Stella Artois, English Heritage, Patum Peperium, and Fen Farm Dairy.

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