Gut-Loving Granola and Porridge

The UK's first evidence based gut health food brand

  • High in Fibre
  • 17+ Types of Plant Goodness
  • Contains Prebiotics
  • Founded in 2019
Packed full of diverse plant goodness, every spoonful helps you and your biome nourish and flourish. Powered by plants, backed by science.
Founded by a World Leading Gut Specialist
Backed by Science
B Corp Certified Brand
Led by Science Research
Great for Food to Go Better for You  Great for Gut Health

Key reasons to stock Bio & Me...

  • Proven Credentials: As shoppers increasingly become more attune to accessible gut health, each recipe is uniquely created to boost good gut health. A 2021 Grocer new product award winner
  • Backed by Science: The first (and only) EFSA-approved 'Good For Your Gut' food and drink company in the UK.
  • Food to Go: Delivering all the gut-loving benefits but for the food-to-go shopper.

Bio & Me are the UK's first dedicated, evidence-based gut health food company. Lead by Dr Megan Rossi (their co-founder) a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and known as a world-leading gut specialist with a PhD in gut health. Each Bio&Me recipe has been uniquely created by Megan to ensure they're good for your gut.

At Bio & Me they believe that people and microbes thrive on variety and deliciously good food. That's why they’ve packed their granolas and porridges with 17+ different types of plant goodness. Calling this their concept of Delicious Diversity.

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