Clear Whey Protein Drinks

Ready to drink hydration and energy, in 500ml bottles

  • 10g - 15g Protein
  • Zero Sugar
  • High in BCAA's
  • Founded in 2013
Upbeat is on a mission to simplify protein for athletes and everyday individuals. With a decade of expertise in advanced protein technology, their delicious clear whey isolate drinks provide essential hydration, body-boosting protein, and energizing vitamins for instant fuel, wherever you need it.
With Vitamin B Complex
Energy & Protein
Hydrating Format
Lactose Free Whey Protein
Better for You Alternative Great for a Mood Boost Great for Workout Fuel

Key reasons to stock Upbeat...

  • Nutrient-Rich Convenience: Upbeat provides a quick, wholesome boost, ideal for consumers seeking both nutrition and convenience
  • Sustainability Leadership: Retailers can align with a brand actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment
  • Market Demand: The growing fitness-conscious consumer base creates a strong market for Upbeat's innovative protein products

Upbeat, a UK-based nutritional innovator, offers a revolutionary solution for the modern, health-conscious consumer. Their Clear Whey Protein Isolate drinks seamlessly merge delicious taste with essential nutrients, showcasing a commitment to both taste and wellness. With an emphasis on simplicity, Upbeat has harnessed advanced protein technology to deliver instant, natural hydration infused with vital amino acids and B vitamins. The result is a range of refreshing, sugar-free protein beverages that cater to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a convenient, protein-packed boost

Beyond nutrition, Upbeat champions sustainability as a core value. They strive to be a carbon-neutral company, ensuring their products uphold the highest standards of quality and eco-friendliness. With 30% recycled PET plastic bottles and a goal to reach 100% by 2024, Upbeat pioneers a sustainable approach to packaging. Additionally, their partnership with ClimatePartner and One Tribe reflects their commitment to mitigating climate change and protecting the environment.

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