Plant Based Chocolate

H!P chocolate makes delicious creamy oat milk vegan chocolate bars

  • 41% Single-origin Cocoa
  • Plastic Free Packaging
  • Colombian Chocolate
  • Founded in 2016
Chocolate for this generation. H!P Chocolate is a new sustainable, plant-based indulgent chocolate bar, made with oat milk, filled with unique flavour combinations and totally vegan friendly.
Ethically Sourced
Plastic Free Packaging
Low Carbon Footprint
B Corp Brand
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Big Night In Great Indulgent Treat

Key reasons to stock Hip Chocolate...

  • Ahead of the Trend: The first chocolate brand in the U.K. to release an oat milk chocolate bar; oat milk containing many health benefits
  • Serving Differing Missions: 25g Mini formats are perfect for hotel, mini bars and corporate environments. Trendy, fashionable and H!P chocolate bars also make a cool gift or
  • Provenance: Sourcing the finest cocoa from Colombia, a brand founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandfather, John Cadbury, who revolutionised the world of chocolate

Producing delicious, creamy chocolate from a slave-free supply chain, H!P were the first chocolate brand in the U.K. to release an oat milk chocolate bar. H!P Chocolate bars combine single-origin, sustainably sourced Colombian cocoa with smooth and creamy Oat Milk. On a mission to prove that eating plant-based chocolate doesn’t mean compromising on great taste. We only use the best quality single-origin Colombian cocoa in our chocolate and combine this with creamy oat milk to create the smooth, milky taste that you know and love.

H!P chose to use oat milk because it outperforms other plant milk on sustainability, healthiness, and importantly taste too!  Oat Milk contains no added sugars, whilst high in fibre, protein, and vitamins like zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium. Additionally, it is allergen-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

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