Plastic-free Vegan Gummy Pouches

Sweets for grown ups, without any compromise!

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Founded in 2014
Sweet Lounge, delivers high-quality, award-winning sweets, with a focus on plant-based innovation and eliminating animals from production. Proudly female-founded, Sweet Lounge celebrates uniqueness and empowers women in the workplace. Live boldly and indulge guilt-free in their delectable treats. On a mission to create the best tasting vegan sweets without any nonsense! Without artificial ingredients, without compromise on taste or texture and without the single-use packaging.
6 Indulgent Flavours
Home Compostable Packaging
Always Plant-Based
Female Founded
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Big Night In Indulgent Treat

Key reasons to stock Sweet Lounge...

  • Award-Winning Excellence: Sweet Lounge is a multi-award-winning brand, assuring you of the highest quality and taste in vegan confections.
  • Ethical & Sustainable: Sweet Lounge's commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability aligns with consumers' growing concerns for the planet.
  • Inclusive & Female-Led: Supporting gender equality and diversity, Sweet Lounge's female-founded leadership and inclusive culture make it a brand that stands out.

Sweet Lounge, an acclaimed UK vegan confectionery brand, pioneers delectable, planet-friendly sweets. Founded in 2014, it champions innovative, guilt-free treats, believing that indulgence shouldn't compromise ethics. They craft sweets exclusively from fine, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, rejecting animal products. Their dedication ensures vegan excellence without sacrificing taste or quality, making them a standout choice for vegans and those seeking healthier sweet options. Sweet Lounge's commitment extends to sustainability, from sourcing to packaging, reflecting their profound sense of responsibility for our planet.

This female-founded company takes pride in promoting gender equality and empowering women from diverse backgrounds. Sweet Lounge's workplace culture fosters inclusivity, celebrating individuality. Their mission harmonizes delicious vegan confections with positive global impact. For inquiries and engagement, the Sweet Lounge team welcomes direct contact, offering a taste of their passion for superior taste, ethical values, and inclusivity.

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