100% Beef Biltong Snacks

No1 fastest Biltong selling SKU in supermarkets

  • 13-16g Protein
  • Air Dried & Sliced
  • Only British Beef
  • Founded in 2017
Ember Snacks' Biltong packs offer convenient, high-protein snacking options. Crafted with simple, clean ingredients and no added sugar, their snacks prioritise quality and your well-being.
High in Natural Protein
Craft British Meat Snack
Certified B Corp
Support GB Farmers
Great for Workout Fuel Great Better for You Alternative Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Ember...

  • Customer Loyalty: 44% of Ember shoppers buy only Ember within branded meat snacks. Ember Snacks offers ethically sourced, high-quality meat snacks that cater to conscious consumers.
  • Drive Incrementality: 61% of Ember shoppers are new to the category. Their traditional craftsmanship delivers unmatched flavour and tenderness, setting them apart in the market.
  • Attract New Shoppers: Ember's sustainability credentials attracts younger shoppers

Wholesale Ember Biltong Original Flavour Wholesale Ember Ingredients image

Ember Snacks is your trust-worthy choice for ethical, UK-crafted meat snacks that redefine snacking excellence. Their supply chain is simple and transparent, ensuring top-notch quality and promoting sustainable, ethical eating.

The cornerstone of their products is the top-quality silverside beef they use, sourced from trusted British and Irish farms. Renowned for its tenderness and rich flavour, it reflects the care and commitment of the farmers they collaborate with.

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