Gourmet Confectionery

free from gluten, nuts & palm oil

  • 100% Plant-Based
  • Real Fruit Juice & Pieces
  • 138g Packs
  • Founded in 2020
Yumma Candy sets the new standard in gourmet confectionery, offering meticulously curated sweets made from natural ingredients, with a commitment to quality, flavour, and sustainability. Aiming to be the next big thing in the confectionery category.
3 Gourmet Flavours
100% Natural Ingredients
Resealable Bags
Palm Oil Free Confectionery
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Big Night In Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock Yumma...

  • Differentiation: Stocking Yumma Candy offers retailers the opportunity to provide customers with a distinctive selection of gourmet confectionery crafted from natural ingredients
  • Premium Indulgence is in Demand: Yumma Candy's commitment to quality, flavour, and sustainability aligns with consumer preferences for wholesome treats that are better for them and the planet
  • Convenient Format for Shoppers: The OG pouches are perfect for snacking, sharing or gifting. Complete with a resealable press-close strip, your sweets will remain fresh even after opening. Available in a range of moreish flavours as well as 100% recyclable packaging.

Yumma Candy founder, Vignan, has always had a sweet tooth and a passion for candy. He started a small business venture in school, and after trying numerous brands, became tired of the same old flavours and unpronounceable ingredients. Thus, he decided to create something new and reimagined the sweets aisle with Yumma Candy.

Offering the highest quality gourmet confectionery Yumma Candy is made with 100% natural ingredients, that leave you craving for more from the very first bite until the last. perfect for snacking, sharing, or gifting. The 100% recyclable OG pouches come with a resealable press-close strip, ensuring the sweets remain fresh even after opening.

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