High Protein Snacks

Nutritional 64g 'Smart' protein bars

  • 20g Protein
  • Low in Sugar
  • Less Than 200 Calories
  • Founded in 2012
Tasty, high protein & low sugar snack, ideal before or after your workout. PHD enable individuals to enhance their overall health and well-being by utilising advanced research and ground-breaking products. Our aim is to empower our customers to attain their objectives and unlock their inner potential.
12 Flavours Available
Macro Friendly
Born From Science
Vegan Friendly Options
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock PhD...

  • Premium Nutrition, Backed by Science: Convenient on the go snacking. High quality whey protein centre
  • Delicious Indulgent Flavours: Including Cookies & Cream Birthday Cake, Dark Choc Raspberry
  • Vegan Friendly Formats: PhD’s Smart Plant Bar is a delicious high-protein, low-sugar snack suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Packed with protein, PhD Smart Plant protein bars contain a super-soft centre with a gooey caramel exterior.

At the heart of PhD lies science, innovation, and authenticity, while taste and quality form the fundamental pillars of the brand. Since its creation in 2005, the brand has been committed to introducing authentic, science-backed products that advance the category and enable a wider audience to make progress. Our extensive product range, including gym and performance products, Wellness and convenience sports nutrition, supports the aspirations of diverse active consumers.

PhD is a homegrown, UK brand. Their products are designed, manufactured, and distributed globally. All out of Blackburn, Lancashire always innovating. They pair their data through customer research with medical and nutrition research to bring the newest products to market. PHD Nutrition are continuing to support the performance sport athlete whilst also creating product for individuals looking to optimise their daily routine. For example, these are products that support neurological development, gut health, sleep and anatomical performance improvements.

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